Mandarin Garnet Cuff with Gold Wire Detail

Mandarin Garnet Cuff with Gold Wire Detail - Abby Mosseri Mandarin Cuff The Garnered
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Mandarin Garnet Cuff with Gold Wire Detail
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Abby Mosseri creates her gem-rich jewellery using traditional tools and techniques. Her designs are inspired by ethnic jewellery and the treasure hoards of ancient cultures. This heavy-weight hand-forged cuff features 18k gold wire detail and mandarin garnets set in 18k gold. It is finished with a gentle brush effect. Bold yet graceful.

Product details

Material: Silver; 18-karat gold; mandarin garnets
Origin: UK

About Abby Mosseri

“My travels around north Africa and India have influenced my style. I have a fascination with adornment from ancient kingdoms, so my collection includes influences from the Moguls, the Egyptians and the Romans."

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