Large Blonde Maple Spice Plate

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Large Blonde Maple Spice Plate
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These handmade bowls are free form turnings, meaning that each bowl will be slightly different from the next. The naturally beautiful colour of the maple wood makes these bowls the perfect backdrop for serving dried goods such as nuts.

Product details

Material: Maple wood
Dimensions: 24.5 cm diameter
Weight: 200g
Origin: USA

Care instructions

Wash using hot water and soap in a sink. Not suitable for the dishwasher.

Highly acidic foods and berries may affect the natural finish if left to sit in bowls for extended periods of time. Best used for dry goods.

Oiling is essential in maintaining your wooden kitchen items. 

Keep away from open flames and excessive heat. 


As with most natural processes, some variation in colour is to be expected. 

About Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co

“I think it’s possible to transfer intent through craftwork like this. You put love into it, and that that comes through on the other side… when a person uses something you made, they have a connection with how it was made and the person who made it.”

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