Handmade Silver Spaghetti Necklace

Handmade Silver Spaghetti Necklace - Disa Allsopp Fine Handcrafted Jewelry Sterling Silver Spaghetti Necklace The Garnered
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Handmade Silver Spaghetti Necklace
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Disa Allsopp is known for her use of traditional jewellery-making techniques to create pieces with unusual textures and surfaces. This necklace is hand crafted in her London Studio using a continuous length of 1mm lightly textured wire. The wire is made to a 'bleached' finish, referring to the white matte finish, which is then lightly polished to create a warm shine. The patina develops with wear, a process which means the necklace grows to be unique to its wearer. Made to order.

Product details

Material: Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 18" length. Made from 0.5mm silver wire, held together with a silver loop
Origin: UK



About Disa Allsopp

Inspired by talismans found in the tombs of Tutenkhamun and traditional Roman and Greek jewellery, Disa Allsopp’s work could be described as a love letter to the past.

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