Handmade 18-24K Gold Tiny Raindrops Necklace

Handmade 18-24K Gold Tiny Raindrops Necklace - Sia Taylor Tiny Raindrop Necklace The Garnered
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Handmade 18-24K Gold Tiny Raindrops Necklace
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Sia Taylor's fine jewellery is meticulously hand crafted in her studio deep in the Somerset countryside. She finds her inspiration in the delicate and subtle forms of nature – petals, the wind in leaves, insect wings, sunlight glancing through summer rain. In this light and beautifully wearable necklace, tiny golden handcut drops hang from a fine gold chain. Each piece is unique as each raindrop varies subtly from the next. Easy to style against summer skin.

Product details

Material: 18K yellow gold chain; 18K yellow, rose, white, 22K, 24K gold + platinum drops
Dimensions: 41.5cm/16.5"
Origin: UK

About Sia Taylor

Sia Taylor started her creative life as a sculptor, but couldn’t escape the feeling that she was working to the wrong scale. “I wanted to create more intricate, delicate pieces,” she explains. Whilst completing her Masters in Sculpture at London’s prestigious Royal College of Art, Sia began taking jewellery classes.

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"Gold is a material that lasts, I wanted to pay it the respect it deserves – working it slowly and carefully, making jewellery to be cherished and, hopefully, to be passed on.”

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