Large Irish Mohair And Boucle Wool Blanket


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Large Irish Mohair And Boucle Wool Blanket
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The Tweed Project, based in Galway, Ireland, brings together traditional Irish materials with cutting-edge contemporary design. This sumptuous, heavyweight blanket is lovingly handmade from Irish mohair, flecked through with light-catching metallic bouclé wool. Thick tasseled fringes are hand stitched on for greater softness and texture.

Product details

Material: Irish mohair, boucé wool
Dimensions: 175 x 136cm
Origin: Ireland

About The Tweed Project

“Our fabrics have a very strong root in nature: you can literally see that the linen and tweed is part of the land,” says Triona. “The colours or flecks in the tweed are the colours of nature and reflect what is available such as gorse or blackberry. It is a very natural, organic process and is very much part of the ‘slow fashion’ movement.”​

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