‘Darkwood’ Amber Pot Pourri

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Handcrafted in the French Alps, Mad et Len luxury scented candles and pot pourris combine the authenticity of nature with a modern aesthetic. This contemporary pot pourri is rocks of glowing amber, encased in a hand-forged tin. Darkwood is fresh wood with smoky layers of bark and leather.

Product details

Material: Amber, burned steel tin
Dimensions: Height 10.5cm, Diameter 16.5cm
Weight: 1.75kg
Origin: France


Bottle of Darkwood pot pourri perfume refill with pipette included

About Mad et Len

Nature informs much of what Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut create: laminated iron pots which house lava rock “pot pourri” or scented candles are at the core of the label that celebrates a sophisticated rawness.

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