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The Garnered - The Garnered Gabrielle Chanel 31 Rue Cambon Paris 1937  Photo By Roger Schall
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Coco Chanel – the Craft Behind the Chic

The V&A's exhibition of Gabrielle Chanel - her craft, her style and her enduring legacy – is not to be missed

The Garnered - The Garnered Qest Apprentice Ben Syrett Judd Orcharding Crop

Branching Out

The new QEST scholars and apprentices demonstrate the vast range of skills – both ancient and contemporary – that come under the umbrella term 'craft', from orcharding and bee farming to taxidermy and digital embroidery.

The Garnered - The Garnered Lucie Rie Exhibition Kettles Yard Journal
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Lucie Rie in the Spotlight

Two new exhibitions celebrate the ground-breaking work of Dame Lucie Rie

The Garnered - Lenore Tawney Jupiter Craft Front And Center Journal The Garnered
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MAD for Craft

A new exhibition at New York's MAD Museum brings artists and makers to centre stage

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