Blue Meridian Hand-Painted Ceramic Globe

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Blue Meridian Hand-Painted Ceramic Globe
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Referencing the thin blue lines at the scientific heart of most maps, this miniature globe highlights the longitudes and latitudes, the tropics, Arctic and Antarctic circles of the earth. This limited-edition porcelain globe sits within a blush pink English nappa and oak pocket case, itself lined with a hand-painted map of major constellations.

Product details

Material: Porcelain globe with Wooden Stand and Blush Pink Nappa & Oak Pocket Case with Azure Celestial Interior
Dimensions: 75mm diameter
Origin: Made in the UK

About The Little Globe Company

“We have the technology now to see the earth in its place in the universe – we can look at it from space. My globes are about recognising that we’ve got a tiny, precious gem of a planet.”

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