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Inspired by talismans found in the tombs of Tutenkhamun and traditional Roman and Greek jewellery, Disa Allsopp’s work could be described as a love letter to the past.

“I love the ancient feel of historic jewellery,” says the London-based maker, who grew up in Barbados; she first became enamoured with jewellery on a trip across South America as a teen. “They have a lovely handmade quality about them. It’s quite different from modern jewellery, which is very polished.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that Disa’s jewellery conjures images of vintage trinkets discovered on far-flung travels — organic in form, crafted from unpolished gold and silver to stop each piece from looking pristine.

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Hand forged in her London studio, the metals are melted on the furnace to make the gold a richer hue, before being bathed in a liquid bath to create a matte finish and hammered with a coarse block to create what she describes as a “crunchy texture”. Some rings are oxidised to create a blackened patina, which makes each unique when worn by the individual wearer. “No two will ever be alike.”

The Garnered - Disa Allsopp The Garnered 27

Pieces are first sketched, then 3D modelled in putty or wire, often designed around gemstones Disa has sourced from a family-owned mine in Kenya. “Most stones are one-offs,” she says. Disa chooses subtle, pastel gems as they feel more timeless.

Sustainability is important; she uses only traceable diamonds and recycled gold and silver, with a waste-free model that utilises leftover scraps and dust. “I like to know that my materials are handled with care.”

The Garnered - Disa Allsopp The Garnered Quote
“I like to know that my materials are handled with care.”
Disa Allsopp