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Raised in Woodstock, New York, Rebecca Peacock grew up surrounded by creativity. “Making jewellery made sense in the bigger picture of how I envision life,” she explains. “I like things to be useful, and I guess I’m sentimental too.” 

Today, she makes her delicate rings, bracelets and earrings in a farmhouse in the Catskill Mountains, surrounded by chickens, ducks, a peacock and an angora rabbit. This idyllic setting is her greatest influence: “As much as I might want to be an edgy New York City brand, that’s not who I am. Beauty is so simple to me – picking flowers in my garden is the most special thing. This area, with the mountains, is my heritage, and I’m inspired by that.”

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Having worked in the jewellery industry before, Rebecca knew exactly what she wanted to do with her own designs: “The idea of my line is to offer all the basic, beautiful pieces in one collection.”

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“Ideas can come from a shape or a feeling – like, how it feels to go to the creek for the afternoon.” 

Her design process is then about translating that inspiration into a wearable piece that makes sense on the body. 

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She crafts each piece in brass first, to figure out the dimensions and shape. She then works with recycled metals – 14-karat yellow gold, silver, and rose gold, and repurposed precious stones – to create the finished piece.

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The Garnered - The Garnered Jewellery Rebecca Peacock Large 28
“I think of my jewellery as being about lifestyle, because I believe that if you choose the right things, you can choose fewer things.”
Rebecca Peacock