Crystal Magnum Decanter


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Ehrlich’s glassware starts life as fine pencil designs, drawn in the search for the purest proportions. The final pieces, hand-blown in Sweden, are light yet strong, with a simple beauty that is as at home in the kitchen as on white linen. This wine decanter – created for the famous NY Blue Hill restaurant – perfectly balances function and design.

Product details

Material: Swedish Crystal
Capacity: 1.5 litres
Dimensions inches: 15 x 3.6"
Dimensions cm: 38 x 9 cm
Origin: USA

About Deborah Ehrlich

Does Ehrlich see her crystal glasses as something to save for special occasions? Quite the opposite. "The glasses are a little bit special but very modest, and they're stronger than they look," she says. "I wish people would use them every day. That would be the greatest compliment to me."

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