Glow 18K Gold Earring - Small

Glow 18K Gold Earring - Small - Kinraden Fine Jewelry Glow Small Gold Earring The Garnered
Glow 18K Gold Earring - Small - Kinraden Fine Jewelry 18K Gold Glow Earring The Garnered Model
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Glow 18K Gold Earring - Small
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Kinraden is a Danish jewellery brand that combines strong, luxurious design with ethical production values. This oval hoop earring (sold as one piece) is made from 18K recycled gold. Slim and sophisticated, it is a stunning example of minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Product details

Material: 18K recycled gold
Dimensions: Height 3.8cm
Weight 2g
Origin: Denmark

About Kinraden

Sarah Müllertz, the Danish architect and former partner at Hennings Larsen doesn’t recall the moment she decided she was going to become a jeweller. Launching Kinraden, a jewellery brand which explores a minimalist aesthetic, sprang from a growing curiosity to explore another design medium and the opportunity to work with different materials — in this instance, black Mpingo heartwood “diamonds” from certified forests, and recycled gold and silver — a way to challenge the jewellery business.

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