Unsuspected Violets 18K Gold Earring with Mpingo 'Diamond'

Unsuspected Violets 18K Gold Earring with Mpingo 'Diamond' - Kinraden Fine Jewelry Unsuspected Violets 18K Gold Earrings The Garnered
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Unsuspected Violets 18K Gold Earring with Mpingo 'Diamond'
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Kinraden is a Danish jewellery brand that combines luxurious design with sustainable practices. This stunning earring (sold as one piece) is crafted from 18K recycled gold and features one brilliant-cut Mpingo wood 'diamond'. The black Mpingo wood is ethically sourced from WWF-protected forests in Tanzania and is cut to a brilliant, velvety finish by skilled diamond cutters. A thoroughly modern piece to be cherished for generations.

Product details

Material: 18K recycled gold; one 6mm brilliant-cut Mpingo 'diamond'
Dimensions: Length 1.4cm
Weight: 2g
Origin: Denmark

About Kinraden

Sarah Müllertz, the Danish architect and former partner at Hennings Larsen doesn’t recall the moment she decided she was going to become a jeweller. Launching Kinraden, a jewellery brand which explores a minimalist aesthetic, sprang from a growing curiosity to explore another design medium and the opportunity to work with different materials — in this instance, black Mpingo heartwood “diamonds” from certified forests, and recycled gold and silver — a way to challenge the jewellery business.

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