Black Fracture Bowl No. 2 Unique Piece

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Black Fracture Bowl No. 2 Unique Piece
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NY-based British ceramicist Romy Northover describes her work as “ancient future”. With her bowls, she updates the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which treats breakage and repair as integral to the beauty of an object. Instead of the traditional gilded lacquer, she uses white putty for a contemporary look.

Product details

Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 5-6cm x 12-15cm
Weight: 450g
Origin: USA

Care instructions

Decorative bowls, handwash only or wipe clean with cloth.

About Romy Northover

Northover’s process for her Fractured collection is inspired by Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery. “That really hit a chord with me – that something could be more valuable after having been destroyed.”

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