Celadon Porcelain Mini Vase

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A beautiful decorative small hand-thrown porcelain vessel. Perfect as a stand alone table centrepiece or grouped together with several other similar vessels. A modern decorative statement by itself or more functionally with a minimal arrangement of flowers.

Product details

Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Height 11cm
Weight: 300g
Origin: Made in the UK

Care instructions

Not suitable for dishwasher.


Each handmade piece is unique. The one pictured may not represent the individual product you will receive. Some minor variation in colour and surface should be expected.

About Tanya Gomez

“These pieces work great in natural light, because they change – especially midnight, which is the dark blue. It’s really intense and it can go almost black. It’s mysterious, and it has that depth where you’re just wondering what’s inside... That’s what I love.”

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