Going for Gold

Ben Sutton’s gold-lustre bowls are made with patience and precision
The Garnered - The Garnered Journal Going For Gold

For ceramist Ben Sutton, the process of adding a radiant gold glaze to a porcelain bowl is exacting. He applies the lustre – pure gold suspended in solvent – with a paintbrush. There’s little room for error: too thin, and the result is patchy. Too thick, and it peels and turns black in the kiln.

While the lustre dries, Ben covers it with tissue to prevent dust from marring the glossy surface. The bowl is fired, then cooled. If every stage has gone well, the result is a warm interior, creating a tactile contrast with the velvety porcelain exterior. Patience and skill come together, producing a truly beautiful object.

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The Garnered - The Garnered Journal Going For Gold 03