On Time: Finding your pace in a world addicted to fast, By Catherine Blyth

Book Review
The Garnered - On Time Catherine Blyth The Garnered

Catherine Blyth’s On Time spoke to us here at The Garnered, where the artisans and craftspeople who we love embody the philosophy of slow design – where there is time to step back and appreciate detail, to take pleasure in the craft.

The Garnered - Catherine Blyth On Time Book The Garnered
Catherine Blyth, Author

There is a feeling that 21st-century time has shifted into fast forward, pushing us all to a furious pace to keep up, but there are more and more calls to turn against this crazy current and reclaim a gentler rhythm. This book adds yet another voice to this movement. Blyth is fascinating on time, on how we let it shape our lives and dictate our pace. She wonders why it is that we all seem suddenly to have so little time, why ‘Busy’ has become the inevitable answer to the question ‘How are you?’ – when lengthening life expectancies and time-saving devices should make the opposite true. It seems that when the digital world speeded things up, we just ran faster. 

She provides some brilliant advice on how to reclaim time and to reassess our relationship with it. And when better than the start of a new year, after the frenzy of festivities, to reset to a calmer, more thoughtful pace.

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