The Christmas Chronicles by Nigel Slater

A delicious, heart-warming tribute to winter's culinary delights
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No one conjures an atmosphere quite as well as Nigel Slater, and he is at his absolute best in this gem of a cook book – a cornucopia of memories, descriptions, folklore, histories, traditions, rituals and, of course, recipes all circling around the winter months.

Christmas is at the heart of the book, but Nigel is in love with the whole season and invites us, with his infectious enthusiasm, to revel in all of the deep pleasures and excuses for celebrating that it brings. He is deliciously chatty, and his digressions take us to Viennese Christmas markets, to a snowy Japan and to the depths of a Norwegian wood. He takes us as well to the kitchen of his childhood home and to the dark mornings, lit by candlelight, when he sits in the quiet at his table to write. There is nowhere we would rather be when the nights draw in than in front of Nigel’s blazing hearth being offered ‘something good to drink’ while the scents of the feast to come spice the air. While we await that invitation, curling up with his book has to be the next best thing.

The Christmas Chronicles is available here.

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