Architecture By Hand: Inspired By Nature - Spencer Fung

Architect Spencer Fung explores the elegant forms and materials of the natural world
The Garnered - Spencer Fung Architecture By Hand Cover 3

Working across architecture, furniture and interiors, Spencer Fung has always found inspiration in nature.

He is the go-to architect for the lifestyle brand Bamford, bringing his vision to its serene spas and shops from Tokyo to the Cotswolds. His designs incorporate natural materials that seem to bring the outdoors indoors. Similarly in his furniture, he coaxes oak, ash, marble and stone into apparently organic structures. 

The Garnered - Spencer Fung Architecture By Hand 3

His new book, Architecture By Hand, is illustrated with his own sketches and watercolour studies; it looks at 40 of his most remarkable projects, which exist right at the intersection of human craftsmanship and natural beauty.

Architecture by Hand: Inspired by Nature, by Spencer Fung

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