Make! A season of contemporary craft in the Barbican Shop

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Book binding workshop

17th Mar – 3rd Jun 2018

The Barbican’s shop has recently been redesigned and expanded, and this spring it is hosting a season of what look to be really exciting installations and events on the theme of craft, in an attempt to launch itself as a destination in its own right. The artists and makers involved range from the traditional to the cutting edge, with a series of workshops on weaving, ring carving, book-binding and embroidery, as well as 3D paper folding and polystyrene modelling. 

We particularly like the idea of the Stitch-School’s interactive embroidery installation, consisting of a large communal stitching cloth to which everyone is invited to contribute. All in all, it looks set to be a fabulous celebration of modern makers and contemporary crafting techniques – with the added bonus of the opportunity to create and take home your own unique piece.