'Flower Garlands' Fabric in Pink

'Flower Garlands' Fabric in Pink - Antoinette Poisson Fabric Guirlandes De Fleurs Pink The Garnered
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Antoinette Poisson is named for the Marquise de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, a famous lover of the decorative arts. The company was formed by a trio of conservators out of a passion for the intimate interiors of the 18th century. Original designs are artisanally produced by Craftsmen in Paris using 100% French linen. The effect is flamboyant yet harmonious. Also available in blue.

Please contact [email protected] if you require more than 10 metres.

Product details

Material: 100% French Linen
Dimensions: 136cm (4ft 5.5in), plus 3.5cm (1.4in) white edge both sides
Pattern Height: 43.5cm (1ft 5in)
Weight: 300g/m2
Origin: France

About Antoinette Poisson

Struggling to find what they were looking for, the trio set up Antoinette Poisson in 2012, with the aim of bringing forgotten 18th-century wallpaper techniques back to life. The label was named after Louis XV’s mistress Madame de Pompadour, adopting the middle and maiden names of the 18th-century doyenne of decorative arts.

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