Deep Terracotta Matte Glaze Wheel-Thrown Dinner Plate

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Deep Terracotta Matte Glaze Wheel-Thrown Dinner Plate
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Arielle de Gasquet learnt her craft in a Japanese workshop in NYC, and this influence can be seen in her work. Her pieces have a purity and simplicity of line in keeping with a Japanese aesthetic. But to this she brings her own Parisian style. This generous dinner plate in dramatic deep terracotta is hand thrown, leading to intriguing variations.

Product details

Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: Diameter 27cm; Height 17mm
Origin: France

About Arielle de Gasquet

It was while living in New York a decade ago that Parisian, Arielle de Gasquet fell into ceramics – “you could say that ceramics found me”. Looking to make a vase for her ikebana course she was introduced to a ceramics studio filled with members of the Japanese community – “they kindly said I must have been a ceramicist in another life”.

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“I wanted everything pure, simple and white and it has slowly evolved from there. Usually I put some clay on the wheel and see what happens and where it wants to go”.

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